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We are a Strength and Conditioning program located in East Plano conveniently near Central Expressway and the President George Bush Tollway. Our two primary programs are group personal training for adults (Metabolic Afterburn) and high school athletic development focusing primarily on volleyball and baseball. We prioritize strength training (Bench, Squat, Deadlift, Oly lifts) while incorporating metabolic conditioning (kettlebells, TRX, Sledgehammers, Ropes, Db's, Jump Ropes, etc) combined with High Intensity Cardio programs.

We have been voted "Best in Plano" for four consecutive years (2013 - 2016), so drop us a line and let us help you discover your inner athlete.

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  • My "Go-To" lift for Strength

    I was having a conversation with a young lifter who is graduating from college in a few weeks, and the discussion turned to "if you had one exercise to improve strength, which one would you use?" This can be a loaded question... trust me.  Ask 20 different strength professionals (strongmen, power-lifters, Oly lifters, bodybuilders, strength coaches, etc) and I would guess you would get at least 20 different answers. I know my answer is going to be different than most, but hey...   Read More...

  • Barbell Finishers

    Finishers are a kick ass way to wrap up a workout. They are short, intense and a great way to kick off a metabolic storm. The beauty of a finisher is you are only limited my your imagination.   Read More...

  • The “It” Factor for Fat Loss Success

    It is no surprise to anyone that nutrition is a key element for a successful and long lasting fat-loss or transformation program. The question is, which program to use? Google Fat Loss Nutrition and you will come up with over 11 million results on this very subject!   Read More...

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